Erland Lewin's Home Page

I live with my fiancée and son on Södermalm, in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am currently doing a Ph.D. program in biological physics at the Section of Cell Physics of the Royal Insitute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have a public research blog where I jot down thoughts on my research.

I am co-founder and part owner of the company Voxi AB.

I'm interested in photography, and am working on two related projects on digital photography: Phogle (for making digital images easier to find, by having a semantic, multilingual tagging system), and Bilderna.Nu! (To become a commercial service for storing, organizing and sharing digital photos. It will be aimed at the Swedish market, and relieve users of having to store and back up their image archive).

Here's a link to info (in Swedish) and photos of 'Koggen', the first boat I owned. It is an 8 meter oak boat with an inboard engine. It's been sold, and I now own a Nordic Folkboat ('Ann', Number S-610 from 1960).

Here is an ancient home page of mine from the early days of the web.

Here is the documentation for the TIFF file format used by the Zeiss 410 LSM confocal microscope.